Sunday, December 2, 2012

Homemade Holiday gifts ideas :)

Any one out there on a budget?
Yes, I thought so!

Here are a few top ideas for christmas gifts that are cheap cheap cheap!!!

1) A photo collage

Find some of your favourite photos of you and your friends, then either print them at home or order them from an online photo retailer. Find yourself an old picture frame (charity/thrift shops are the best!) and stick your photos in a fun arrangement. Top with a ribbon and voila! A perfect gift for friends :)

2) Home made treats

Baking is such fun, especially during the winter months. Find yourself some new recipes and spend a day in the kitchen. Nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like a basket of home made muffins, cookies or cakes!

3) Friendship bracelets

These are so in style right now, and they don't take any time at all! Find a pattern to follow, and then spend an afternoon with some coloured ribbons, threads and beads. You can tailor each bracelet to a each friend, using their favourite colours to make it a really personal gift.
Try some of these sites for patterns!



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